Easy Digestion with Papaya and Cauliflower

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A healthy digestive system begins with a good diet. Digestion begins in the mouth, when you chew and swallow, and is completed in the small intestine. So, eating right greatly improves your digestion.

PAPAYA (Activates the digestive process)

Papaya is one of the best digestive foods. The enzyme in papaya is known as papain which naturally aids in the breakdown of food into the component nutrients our body needs.

The most nutritious part of papaya is the orange flesh which contains papain. Interestingly, green, raw papayas contain more papain than orange.

Papaya is considered the perfect breakfast because of its digestibility and vitamin richness. Papaya shake is also one of the most pleasant ways of eating this fruit.

Papayas are also a good source of vitamin E, folic acid, potassium, copper, some iron and calcium.


CAULIFLOWER (The most digestible in the cabbage family)

It is high in fiber and roughage, which helps in easier digestion. Cauliflower also contains a compound called glucoraphin, which protects our stomach and intestines from ailments like cancer and ulcers.

It is excellent source of vitamin K which acts as a direct regulator of our body’s inflammatory response.

Yellow-Green coloured cauliflower (Romanesco and its variety include ‘Minaret’) is richer in vitamin C than the white regular cauliflower.




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