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  1. Tobacco can be useful??? Strange…
    Mix 1 pinch of chewing tobacco with 1 drop of water. Apply directly and immediately to the bee sting; cover with band-aid to hold in place. Pain will go away in just a few short minutes.
  2. To keep celery fresh for a long time, wrap it in aluminium foil and place in the refrigerator.
  3. To preserve green peas, keep them in a polythene bag in the freezer.
  4. Place a betel (paan) leaf over the leftover idli and dosa batter to prevent them from becoming sour.

Cooking Tips | Kitchen Tips | Indian Cooking Tips

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  1. NAGAR.M.M says:

    “Bee” for Bicarbonate n wasp for vinegar….means apply weak alkali (Bicarbonate–khane ka soda ..etc.) for bee sting and weak acid (Like vinagar,lemon juice etc.) for wasp (tataiyan) sting…do not forget to remove bee sting earliest left over the skin of the victim…