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  1. To make noodles, noodles are cooked aldent (Aldent means: partially cooking the noodles or leaving it slightly “kachcha”. Drain all the hot water, add cold water and ice cubes immediately into it. This way, noodles will get separated easily and it will not sticky too.
  2. While making any pakodas or fries, add chilled water (full of icecubes) into besan or cornflour for making the batter. (Batter of your choice, I just gave example). It will increase the crispiness of your pakodas or any fries.
  3. Add a few drops of lemon juice while boiling the rice. The grains will be separated and will not get mashy and sticky.
  4. Add pinch of soda and sugar while boiling the green peas. The colour of peas will remain as it is.

Cooking Tips | Kitchen Tips | Indian Cooking Tips

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