Tiranga Cutlets made of left-over Rice

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Left over rice Tiranga Cutlets

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Tiranga Cutlets are the colorful cutlets which is made of left-over rice. It is very quick, tasty and crispy snack.

Cooking Time:10 min
Preparation Time:20 min
Total Time: 30 min
Servings:  4
Recipe Credit: Piyush Gupta (Our Facebook Fan)

Left over rice Tiranga Cutlets


Left Over Rice 2 cup
Green Peas 100 grams
Green Chilli 4
Green Coriander 50 grams
Salt To Taste
Cornflour 2 tablespoon
Tomato Sauce 3 tablespoon
Garam Masala 1 tablespoon
Bread Crumbs 4 pieces
Oil For deep frying

Method Batter:Make batter of cornflour in 1/2 cup water. Add pinch of garam masala and salt. Green Chutney:Mix coriander, peas, ginger, chilli, salt and garam masala(1/2 tbsp)and grind them.

  1. Mix bread crumbs, salt and gram masala (1/2 tbsp) in rice and divide it into 12 equal parts and make tikkies.
  2. Spread little Tomato sauce over one tikki.
  3. Place other tikki on it and spread green chutney over it.
  4. Again place one more tikki on it.
  5. In the same way make 4 cutlets using 3 tikkies for each.
  6. Now, coat each cutlet with batter properly and deep fry them.
  7. Remove excess oil using napkin.
  8. Cut each piece into 2 half and serve with chilli and tomato sauce.


  • Inspite of deep frying these cutlets can also be fried on non- stick tava for less oily.
  • You can add vegetables of your choice.

vegetarian indian recipe | indian vegetarian recipes | indian food recipe | Vegetable recipes


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